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 Questions to ask a Fortune Teller   by Paul McTaggart

In researching the old Fortune Teller books I have discovered and reproduced these questions.

  Please select all of the cards that have the number to your question and lay these selected cards face up on the table for your reading.

5. Will I always be poor?

6. Are my dreams trying to tell me something?

7  Is there someone from the past thinking of me?

8. What is my name?

9. When will I sell my house?

10.  Reveal to me my secret admirer.

11.  Is my soldier/sailor going to be safe? 

12.  Will my health situation change this year?

13.  Will I travel to Asia?

14.  Help me find my lost jewelery.

15.  Will I ever find true love?

16.  What do you foresee in my future.

17.  Why don't my friends like me anymore?

18.  Will my children be happy and successful? 

19.  Will I travel to Europe?

20.  Will my daughter get well?

21.  When will I receive an inheritance? 

22.  Is my grandmother watching over me?

23.  How many children will I have?

24.  Tell me that I am forgiven.

25.  Should I follow my hope to be a famous musician?

26.  Will I marry the woman that I am seeing now?

27.  Will I be a widow?

28.  Will I go to the college that I want?

29.  Answer me cards, will I die young?

30.  Tell me how to improve my business this year.

31.  I've lost a child.  Will I have another one?

32.  Did I live a past life?

33.  Will I lose my job? 

34.  Will I get divorced?

35.  Is there a danger that the cards reveal?

36.  Is my house haunted by a spirit?

37.  Will I travel to the Middle East?

38.  Has God chosen me for a special reason?

39.  Am I blessed with a long life?

40.  Tell me that I will be a famous athlete.

41.  Is my Grandfather watching over me?

42.  Will I marry into money?

43.  Who will remember me when I am gone?

44.  Help me pick a winner. What should I do to increase my luck.

45.  Do the cards say that I will be rich?

46.  Will I marry the man that I am currently seeing?

47.  Will my parents get back together?

48.  Is this the right occupation for me?

49.  Will I finally own a home?

50.  Is she being true to me?

51.  Shall I travel to South America?

52.  Do the cards see me as a famous actor?

53.  Will my son come back home?

54.  Is he the father?

55.  Reveal to me when I will remarry?

56.  Did I create my own bad Karma?

57.  Will I write my book?

58.  Is my charitable giving being misused?

59.  Will I ever escape these shadows of sorrow?

60.  Will these prophecies be fulfilled?



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